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Continuous Provision in Year One Hub

The Continuous provision Hub is accessible to all staff working in schools who are on the journey of developing high quality continuous provision in year one


StJStC child with shard tower

As professionals in school we have been working for several years on developing the quality of provision and practice in our year one to improve outcomes for children.  Through our hub we aim to support others on that journey to raising attainment through increased engagement by sharing research, hands-on experience and the day-to-day challenges of developing a different approach in year one. We are committed to ensuring the hub is accessible, inclusive, solutions focused and high quality.

Our Aims

We have hands on experience of developing continuous provision in our own school and aim to offer network meetings, training sessions, visits and bespoke support to enable you to increase the engagement in learning and raise the attainment of children in year one. We have seen the value of this approach particularly for those children who have been most affected by Covid and those who are vulnerable because of high levels of deprivation and inequality.

We recognise the importance of successful transitions from the early years to year one and believe in using the principles of the EYFS to influence the practice and provision in year one whilst maintaining the rigorous approach to all children achieving high standards. 

Here is an introductory video to the school, which provides a bit more information about our philosophy as a school.

The Common Principles  

StJStC children

We are committed to the common principles of delivery for hubs which underpin all of our work and will contribute to the borough-wide aims.

A key aim and outcome of continuous provision is on closing the attainment gap. Through dissemination and development of good practice in continuous provision the hub will have a focus on closing the attainment gap. Continuous provision leads to raised engagement, self-motivated learners with children who are more active in their learning. It allows for a more personalised approach to curriculum and learning. Learning is more concrete and meaningful. It allows children to practise new learning in purposeful ways and in a variety of contexts, as well as explore concepts and ideas through their play.

Piaget (1952) outlines four distinct periods of development in which he describes children of year one age using language, pretend play and first-hand experiences being central to learning. This, other research into developmentally appropriate practice, and our vision for developing lifelong self-motivated learners, underpins our approach to continuous provision in year one.

Continuous provision provides ample opportunities for children to use language throughout their day to develop their learning. It also allows for positive models of language development to be part of their regular day. Through the promotion and dissemination of successful continuous provision, the hub will promote the increase in levels of vocabulary and language needed by our most vulnerable learners as this deficit has been shown to significantly influence future life chances.

Continuous provision encourages independent learners; children who can shape their own learning and take ownership. They feel the sense of achievement and empowerment that comes with this. Through empowerment comes pupil voice, comes system change. It is through this promotion of independence and voice that continuous provision achieves the key principle of Southwark Stands Together.

The benefits of effective continuous provision in year one address concerns around the inequalities exposed by COVID-19. Pupil voice and empowerment provides the tools to promote equality and diversity. It provides the foundation of long-term structural change for society.

Implementing continuous provision effectively involves the successful engagement of all stakeholders including the leadership team, core subject leads, teaching team, governors and parents. Effective implementation and bespoke support will help schools on this journey to success.

Hub School

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either our hub lead Alli Crank or our hub administrator Lucy Wygers  

St John's and St Clements Primary School is the hub school for the Continous Provision in Year One Hub

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