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Abuse linked to witchcraft and spirit possession in children_27.02.24

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CategoryEarly Years PVI

Target audienceEarly Years PVI

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Total hours3.5

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Child abuse linked to a faith or belief occurs across the country and is not widely understood. This CPD accredited half day online course delivered by Jordan Alexander,Director of Safeguarding and Strategic Development at The Palm Cove Society aims to enhance practitioners learning and confidence in this type if abuse and to manage reports or disclosures relating to spiritual and ritualistic abuse.  


At the end of the sessions, practitioners will learn about:

  • Different forms of abuse linked to spiritual and ritualistic abuse
  • Different cultures and beliefs across the world and here in the UK.
  • The history of witchcraft/possessions and abuse linked to it.
  • Relevant key legislation, government guidance and local policy.
  • Why this abuse still happens, both abroad and here in the UK.
  • Key significant indicators unique only to this form of abuse.
  • Recognising and then recording the abuse.
  • Communication techniques to use when in a situation of disclosure and how to react in order to safeguard those involved.
  • Managing and writing an effective report/referral of this form of abuse so it is taken seriously by statutory agencies

There will also be opportunities to:

  • Conisider relevant case studies.
  • Reveiw the 'Doubt Based Advocacy' model developed by Jordan Alexander.
Tue 09:30

Zoom meeting , cameras and microphones enabled, prepared to take part in discussion , facilitation by team, SE1P 5LX

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