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Southwark School Meals System Transformation Programme

School Business Manager Training & Support

A new training package to boost School Business Manager knowledge, skills and confidence and increase schools’ capacity and capability to procure and manage school meals services effectively and financially efficiently is now available! 

All School Business Managers will be invited to complete this compulsory modular training course during summer and autumn term 2023/24.

Get in touch if you are keen to commence the training 

This course aims to: 

  • Encourage your school to take a 'whole school approach' to food
  • Help ensure the meals served at your school are delicious, nutritious and value for money
  • Boost your confidence, knowledge and skills around school food service procurement and management
  • Strengthen your peer support network, through sharing examples of what works well and lessons learned

The course is split into five modules:

1A The Importance of Good School Food and 1B National and Local Government policy

2 School Food Income and Expenditure

3 Procurement & Tendering

4 Managing School Food Operations

5 Monitoring and Accountability