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50 things to do before you are 5


What is 50 Things To Do Before You're Five?

 50 Things To Do - BBC News Report - YouTube

50 Things App is a collection of 50 fun activities you can try with the children in your care. All activities listed on the app are either free or at low cost

Each and every one of these activities will uniquely challenge children to develop their confidence, build their communication and language skills and encourage learning. The activities have been written by education experts and early years practitioners to meet pre-school literacy priorities and help early years settings and schools respond to Ofsted's challenge to improve low literacy levels in children

50 Things aims to provide inspiration for parents, carers and practitioners to connect and bond with children through a range of activities. All suggestions included are low-cost or no-cost experiences that include indoor, outdoor, seasonal, home-based activities that are not only fun but will get children of to a flying start with their learning and language development. The app will help us understand the significant impact of playtime on children's development

50 Things to Do Before You're Five in Southwark

50 Things To Do Before You're 5 in Southwark — 1st Place UK                               


50 Things App is now available in Southwark!
Download the app on your smartphone to make best use of Southwark's local libraries, museums and parks


50 Unique, Fun & Free activities, accessible to all!

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

The 50 Things activities have been designed to be accessible for children of all abilities, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. All of the ages and stages listed for the activities are suggestions only as all children have unique tastes, interests and abilities. You can try out activities which maybe targeted toward different age groups if you think the child/children might enjoy it. The main priority is to have fun! Read tips and suggestions on the app on how to personalise activities to be more suitable for children's needs and make the activities as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for the children

Languages & Translation

We want our Mobile App to be as accessible and usable as possible for everyone in Southwark. Visit the 50 Things website here which can be translated to over 200 languages. Read more to find out about resources available to you and the children to help make the best out of the 50 activities