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Southwark's ECT team is committed to supporting teachers early on in their career.

NQT Induction 2021-2023

Welcome back to the new academic year and I hope that you all had an enjoyable break. I am writing to update you on the Southwark Early Career Teacher (ECT) programme and share the newly updated ECT induction materials. 

2021 marks the start of the new early career framework (ECF) reforms.  They will create a step change in support for early career teachers, providing a funded entitlement to a structured 2-year package of high-quality professional development. The reforms are part of the government’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy, which aims to improve the training and development opportunities available to teachers.

The early career framework is the evidence base which underpins this new entitlement for early career teachers’ professional development. It sets out what all early career teachers should learn about, and learn how to do, during the first 2 years of their careers. Government publications, Early Career Framework reforms overview

It is a still a statutory requirement that ECT register with an Appropriate Body (AB) in order to undertake induction. Induction with Southwark LA goes beyond the minimum statutory requirements to ensure the best possible start to the careers of our next generation of teachers. As the appropriate body for Southwark we are fully committed to supporting your ECT through this two year period

Our ECT programme continues to be managed using the online system NQT Manager. As always we will make every effort to support you with this process and if you do need help please contact us straight away. Please ensure if you have an ECT that they are registered on NQT/ ECT manager by the, delays may impact on the ECTs completion date. If you are unsure please contact Vilma Edwards (see key contacts below) who will be able to support you.

Key Contacts:

Cara Cahill,

ECT Adviser


Vilma Edwards

ECT Programme Officer

Tel:  020 75252728


NQT/ ECT Manager Helpdesk – 0845 468 6810


Early Career Framework – The Full Induction Programme

Using a DfE-funded training provider has been designed to be the simplest option and the one we expect most schools to use. Training providers will design and deliver a comprehensive programme of face-to-face and online training. This support will be fully funded so there are no costs for schools. Lead providers will be inspected by Ofsted so schools can be assured that this training will remain high-quality.

State-funded schools can choose to work with one of 6 providers accredited by DfE. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘full induction programme’. The London South Teaching School Hub will be the lead delivery partner for the Teach First Full Induction Programme.

You can  register for Teach First Full Induction Programme here

ECT Handbook

The Statutory ECT handbook informally known as the ‘pink book’ has been updated to reflect the statutory changes. We advise all schools registered with Southwark as the AB use this book with their ECTs.

Both a hard copy and an electronic copy of this handbook will be made available once you have registered your ECTs.

Formal Assessment information and dates

ECTs should have formal assessments carried out by either the Head Teacher/principal or the induction tutor. Mentors should not carry out formal assessments unless they are also acting as the induction tutor. ECTs should receive an assessment in the final term of the first year (term 3) and in the final term of the second year of induction (term 6).

The assessment will be reviewed at an ECT panel. We are always keen to welcome new members to panel so if you would like to participate please contact Vilma Edwards for further details. The final dates for assessment submission each term are:

Term 3                    13 July 2023 

Term 6                    13 July 2023

Professional Progress Reviews of the ECT

The induction tutor will be expected to review the ECT’s progress against the Teachers’ Standards throughout the induction period, with progress reviews taking place in each term where a formal assessment (see paras 2.52 – 2.57) is not scheduled.

A written record of each progress review is expected to be retained and provided to the ECT after each meeting, with the record clearly stating whether the ECT is on track to successfully complete induction, briefly summarising evidence collected by the induction tutor and stating the agreed development targets. It is also expected that objectives are reviewed and revised in relation to the Teachers’ Standards and the needs and strengths of the individual ECT.

This progress review meeting will be completed via NQT/ECT manager. There is also a copy of this in the Southwark AB ECT handbook.

ECT(s) who commenced induction in September 2021

Term Assessment due date
4 8th December 2022
5 16th March 2023
6 Formal assessment no professional pogress review required

ECT(s) who commenced induction in September 2022

Term Assessment due date
1 8th December 2022
2 16th March 2023
3 Formal assessment no professional pogress review required

Action required by Induction tutor:

ECT and Induction Tutor Website  

The ECT team have created a supplementary website for ECTs and induction tutors that provides supplementary resources and materials. It also goes into greater depth about the ECT year. Please do log on and register for access to a wide range of materials that are free to all our ECTs.

Yours sincerely

Cara Cahill
ECT Adviser Southwark ECT Advisor