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Little Wandle events

Are you a school using Little Wandle? Then the hub are offering a number of events where you get a chance to see Little Wandle best practice in action and hear from the reading lead and Headteacher about effective implementation of the programme.

During these free half-day sessions, you will get a chance to:

See: Reception and Year 1 lessons, Reading Practice and Daily Keep-up sessions in a Champion School

Hear: Knowledgeable leaders sharing how to ensure Little Wandle success in your school

Understand: How to make best use of all Little Wandle classroom resources, and take away a sample pack from HarperCollins

In the first instance, the hub ask that the Reading Lead and Headteacher attend these sessions. If the Headteacher has already attended, then you are able to send other colleagues.


School name

Post code

Local authority


Booking link

Lady Margaret



12th October

23rd November

Click here

Chesterton Primary School

SW11 5DT


3rd October

14th November

Click here

Paxton Academy



3rd October

14th November

Click here

Parsloes Primary


Barking & Dagenham

10th October

7th November

Click here