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RE Coordinators Subject Network Meeting: Southwark Schools (23_24)

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CategoryWellbeing, Mental Health, PSHE and Healthy Schools

Target audienceWellbeing, Mental Health, PSHE & Healthy Schools

CPD points0

Total hours1.5

Type1 session/s



In this meeting, we will:

  • Be supported by the new RE Consultant, Stacey Burman, to clarify and define a solid pedagogy model of 'what good RE looks like', taking into account the latest research about the types of core knowledge and skills pupils should develop. This will be central to the syllabus revision and can be replicated in all Southwark classrooms. 
  • Consider how to deal with difficult questions in RE, both as Subject Leaders and the advice we can give to staff. 
  • This consultation session will start at an earlier time of 2.30pm. This additional time will help ensure this syllabus revision takes into account a wider and fuller teacher voice.




These sessions are designed to ensure that school and curriculum leaders are up to date with any guidance in these subjects. It will provide an opportunity to collaborate, network and share best practice with other local colleagues. There will also be practical help and support in how to manage these subjects.

Meet with our RE Consultant, Stacey Burman, on the 6th June from 2:30pm to discuss and define a solid pedagogy model for RE in Southwark that can be replicated in all our classrooms. 

Session will be at Tooley Street 

Working on Our New RE Curriculum

The next session will include devised a curriculum map overview for you to look at. This includes some of your favoured RE Enquiry questions identified in the session, and the learning has been sequenced around the key ideas or concepts so there is a continuous learning journey running through.

For each unit Stacey has added some suggested substantive knowledge content, including some of the key concepts discussed and some comments about why the units have been ordered this way. In addition, some of these units have been divided into smaller parts, so that there is less substantive knowledge for teachers to have to get their heads round at a time. 

Thank you to those who are trialling the sample unit in your schools. This includes a lesson by lesson break down of suggested activities with up-to-date resources to support. There is also some key subject knowledge for teachers for each lesson, which I hope is also helpful. 

The summer session on 6/6/24 will start from 2.30pm at 160 Tooley Street, and will be running till 5pm to allow those teachers to join us who are unable to leave school earlier. 

We shall be sharing further curriculum materials- including unit outlines ready for teaching from Autumn, as well as supporting Subject Leads to deliver CPD in their own schools to familiarise teachers with the requirements of the new syllabus.

We will also be sharing strategies for how to successfully implement the delivery of the new syllabus and curriculum materials, and if time, also share some pupil samples. 

ALL schools are therefore invited to share artwork, learning samples and pupil books to this Subject Leaders session. 

Our Next Session

We are keen to hear your thoughts about these documents, which we will be discussing at our next session on 6th June at Tooley Street from 2.30pm onwards- join us when you can! The session will be running till 5pm, and we will be in touch with you nearer to the date with further details.

In the meantime PLEASE do get in touch with Stacey ( to let me know your initial thoughts and any feedback about these materials. 



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