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Developing your whole school/college approach to IMHARS

Whole School Approach


Step 1: Review, evaluation and Identification of need

  • Senior leaders and WBMH team evaluate current provision and identify whole school priorities.
  • Identify CYP and families at risk


  • Resilience audit tool for SLT
  • Resilience framework and guidance.
  • Model of graduated need


Step 2: Review and evaluation, whole school staff.

  • Whole staff training for resilience,
  • Whole staff evaluation of current provision for a whole school approach to IMHARS


  • Resilience staff training presentation and resources
  • Resilience framework and guidance.
  • Staff resilience survey


Step 3:


  • Using the data collected at step 1 and 2 and setting realistic time frames, create an action plan.
  • Planning next steps that build on existing practice and further develop a whole school approach to WBMH.
  • Planning for the evaluation process.


  • Southwark Healthy schools’ silver and gold resilience planning and evaluation tool
  • Southwark Healthy Schools Enhanced resilience planning and evaluation tool (Gold schools only)
  • Example action plans
  • Model curriculum
  • Links to quality assured programmes and resources in the Southwark Wellbeing First Framework and guidance document

Advice and support from Southwark Healthy schools’ champions group.


Step 4:

Implementation and Evaluation:



This resource can be used in a variety of different ways. Each school and college will be on their own unique journey towards developing a whole school/college approach to improving mental health and resilience and will use the resources to best meet their identified needs.