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Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Event 19

 Welcome to the annual emotional wellbeing event, which has been planned and brought to you in partnership by Southwark Council’s Education and Public Health departments, and Health Education Partnership (HEP).


Promoting Emotional, Social & Physical Wellbeing and Mental Health in Southwark Early Years & Schools Programme

28th March 2019, 9:00am-12:30pm

Millwall Football Club SE16 3LN


Event Aims

•    Explore the latest developments in emotional, social & physical wellbeing and mental health,
including successful approaches to inclusion & diversity themes in schools - “the strengths and
skills of the unique child”

•    Learn from schools sharing their practice on adopting a whole-school approach in promoting
emotional, social and physical wellbeing, as well as supporting positive mental health

•    Develop deeper understanding of the links between physical activity and positive mental health

•    Learn about local services that can provide support for schools

•    Continue strengthening local collaborations and partnership working as well as engage with

•    Identify further CPD, training and support that schools would find most helpful