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Southwark Policies, Procedures and Links

Model Safeguarding Policy

This is the September 2022 version of Southwark Council's model policy that can be used to develop your school's/setting's policy.

Copy showing amendments to the September 2021 version of the policy Model Safeguarding Policy 2022 September (amendments) (docx, 94kb)
Final version of the policy incorporating the amendments Model Safeguarding Policy 2022 September (final) (docx, 87kb)


Safeguarding Information Sheet:                                                       SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN-Info Sheet (doc, 32kb)

Our model information sheet contains brief information about school’s safeguarding arrangements with some basic DOs and DON'Ts and can be used to make volunteers, supply and visiting staff and everyone else who comes into contact with children aware of school’s policy and procedures if they do not have time to go through whole policy and procedures.


Child Protection Concerns Record Sheet:                                         CP concerns record sheet (doc, 24kb)

This very simple record sheet can be used to log separately each CP concern that is raised in the school if your school/setting is not using an online recording system. These record sheets may become quite significant in terms of recording and sharing these concerns especially if the concern does not lead to a referral to other agencies. These record sheets and all other records on children referred and/or known to Children's Social Care should be forwarded to receiving schools separately and under a confidential cover when pupils leave the school and a confirmation of receipt should be obtained from receiving schools.


Protocol for Children who are Uncollected from School:            Protocol for Children who are Uncollected from School (docx, 19kb)


Safeguarding information booklet for parents/carers

This booklet 'Protecting children in education settings' explains the schools' duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. You may want to put the pdf copy on yur school's website and encourage parents/carers to access it online, which hopefully will help cut down on paper. However, hard copies are still available to give out to parents/carers and can be ordered, free of charge, by contacting the Schools Safeguarding Coordinator Apo ÇA─×IRICI ( , 020 7525 2715)

Protecting children in education settings (pdf, 734kb)

safeguarding info leaflet for parents

Southwark’s Multi agency Threshold of need 2019

Southwark Threshold of needs 2019

  Southwark MASH referral form

MASH referral form


 Early Help referral form

ehs form


Southwark’s Children Missing Education (CME) Protocol

CME Protocol


Southwark Children’s Services Practice Guidance on Safeguarding Children Exposed to Extremism

prevent guidance

Female Genital Mutilation Guidance Document for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

southwark FGM

Southwark’s Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy 2019-2024




Southwark Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP)


Southwark Safeguarding Children Partnership New Arrangements


Southwark Safeguarding Children Partnership Courses

Southwark Safeguarding Children Board Protocol for Children At Risk of Sexual Exploitation

Southwark Safeguarding Joint Service Protocols April 2020


SSCP - Joint Service Protocol 2020- parents with disabilities

SSCP - Southwark JSP Disabilities - Apr 2020


SSCP - Joint Service Protocol 2020- parents with mental health problems

Southwark JSP Mental Health


SSCP - Joint Service Protocol 2020 - Parents who misuse substances

Southwark JSP Substance




Safeguarding information for professionals and the community in Southwark

Southwark safeguarding

Private Fostering in Southwark

Private Fostering

PF - Parent & Carer Leaflet (pdf, 2.7mb)

PF - Professionals Leaflet (pdf, 67kb)

PF - Young People Trifold Leaflet (pdf, 74kb)


Southwark Child Protection Conferences: Child Protection Conferences including Standards for Conferences

Southwark Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Tier 2 CAMHS Team:
Child Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP) Service

Low-intensity and preventative psychological interventions for mild-moderate mental health disorders with children aged 5 to 18, including parent work for younger children with behavioural difficulties.

Primary care mental health services:

The Nest is a service delivered by Groundwork on behalf of Southwark Council providing emotional wellbeing advice and support for young people aged 11-25 in Southwark, including early intervention and prevention work for emotional issues and low-level mental health difficulties. Young people can self-refer to the service –

Talking Therapies Southwark
Southwark IAPT (Talking Therapies Southwark) accept self referrals from age 17+. They provide evidence-based therapies for mild-moderate mental health difficulties such as anxiety/depression. Some young people who are 17 with moderate difficulties may be best placed seeking mental health support from IAPT rather than CAMHS.