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Schools Safeguarding Forum (virtual) (8 July 2021) - Child Exploitation

Recording of the meeting

Child Exploitation Presentation (pptx, 5.9mb)


Other resources provided by Debbie Weissang:

The following are some tools to use to support your practice and evidence base:

2021-Pan-London-Protocol for Child Exploitation (pdf, 1.3mb)

Childrens views on being reported missing from care (pdf, 408kb)

CSE Poster (docx, 1.2mb)

CSE Warning Signs (docx, 345kb)

Grooming Line (docx, 359kb)

Guidance App Language Toolkit (pdf, 332kb)

NWG CSE Spot the Signs Poster (pdf, 188kb)

On Street sexual offenders VIPA assessment tool (docx, 53kb)

Online safety agreement (pdf, 974kb)

Runaway Leaflet (pdf, 1.4mb)

See me hear me framework (pdf, 86kb)

These resources will support your practice and evidence base. Remember to upload any you use to the case file.

In respect of YP, parents/carers and professionals some questions that can be asked using the VOLT (Victim–Offender/suspect–Location–Themes) model:


  1. Does the YP have a bank account?
  2. What is the sort code and account number?
  3. Are there any bank statements to evidence money going into the account and out?
  4. Mobile phone:
  5. How many mobile phones does the YP have?
  6. What type of phones are these?
  7. Is the phone “pay as you go” or “Contract”
  8. If the phone is contract who pays the bill..if it is a parent ask them to access the account and get a print off for the last 3 months so it can be seen what calls have been made.
  9. Does the YP have an Oyster card?
  10. What is the number of the card?
  11. Who applied for the card….ask the person to request a statement so movements can be traced. This could evidence Trafficking which is a NRM referral.
  12. Has the YP been spotted getting into any vehicles?
  13. What is the registration and description of the vehicle?
  14. Is the YP in receipt of any gifts or money which is unaccounted for?
  15. Has the YP been to a sexual health clinic?
  16. If so what for and when?



  1. Name, DOB
  2. Mobile number
  3. Vehicle details and registration
  4. Social media sites
  5. Association details
  6. Known to Police/YOS
  7. Locations frequented to



  1. Victim address
  2. Offender address
  3. Additional locations ie location when missing, hotel name, incident location



  1. Social media sites used…which social media sites are being used, what are their social media accounts names and passwords
  2. Offending of YP
  3. Same location each time
  4. Words/behaviour used
  5. Specific features of concerns/interest in this case
  6. Missing episodes
  7. A&E attendance
  8. Cross border issues
  9. Substance use



In respect of YP you may wish to use some of this to discuss about a safety plan:

  • To take and use regularly hand sanitiser
  • To take a mask and use on public transport
  • To keep social distancing of 2 meters
  • Not to meet anyone or go off with anyone that my parent or foster carer does not know about
  • To make sure my mobile phone is fully charged before I leave home
  • To take a portable mobile charger
  • To stay in contact with my foster carer
  • To use the Safe word if I feel unsafe or in danger (you could create a safe word with a YP that only family know, so if they text or call then they know they are unsafe and need help from a trusted adult)
  • Not to take any alcohol or drugs
  • Not to visit any location or property which my foster carer is not aware of
  • To provide the name, dob and mobile number of my friends to professionals network
  • Not to go missing
  • To return home at the agreed time and within the curfew time
  • To enjoy my time out and keep safe.