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If you are concerned about someone at your school

If you are concerned that an individual at your school is being radicalised into extremism, please use your school’s internal safeguarding procedures to raise your concern. Your designated safeguarding lead or another member of your senior leadership team will then decide if further support is appropriate. Alternatively, you can also contact Southwark’s Prevent team directly if you feel like the internal safeguarding channels at your school are not the appropriate first point of call.

The Prevent team's email is

If your school decides to reach out to Southwark’s Prevent Team, it can either:

  • SEEK ADVICE - make an informal enquiry via email without identifying the student/staff member of concern (e.g. "We are concerned about one of our students in Year X because he/she..."). Southwark’s Prevent Education Officer will be able to offer you advice and discuss with you if the individual of concern will meet the threshold for a Prevent referral; OR

  • MAKE A REFERRAL - send a completed Prevent referral form (docx, 39kb) to and copy in Southwark's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub via

Prevent support is determined based on a person's residence. If the person you are referring lives outside of Southwark, please contact Southwark's Prevent team for the appropriate borough's contact details.

The diagram below demonstrates what happens after your initial enquiry/referral and illustrates Southwark’s Prevent referral process and the work of the multi-agency Channel panel. If you would like further information on the Prevent referral process and the Channel panel please do not hesitate to get in touch with Southwark's Prevent Team.

Southwark Channel process