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School Job Vacancies

Here, you will find the latest nursery, primary and secondary school job vacancies in Southwark.

If you wish to advertise a role, please contact with the job advert, description and application form. Please view our cost-effective pricing model here.

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Primary, Secondary and Nursery School Jobs in Southwark



Job Details

Application Form

Closing Date

Class Teacher St James the Great Catholic Primary School

Job Advert (pdf, 121kb)

Job Description (pdf, 376kb)

Person Specification (pdf, 237kb)

Notes to Applicants (pdf, 739kb)

Recruitment Monitoring Form (docx, 46kb)

Disclosure Form (docx, 61kb)


Application Form (docx, 65kb)

Consent to obtain references (docx, 38kb)

SEND Teaching Assistant (EYFS, KS1 & KS2) Grange Primary School

Job Advert (pdf, 108kb)

Job Description and Person Specification (pdf, 112kb)

Letter to Candidate (pdf, 133kb)

Guidance Notes (pdf, 91kb)

Application Form (docx, 63kb) 12/05/2023
Class Teacher John Donne Primary School  Recruitment Pack (pdf, 713kb) Application Form (docx, 128kb) 02/05/2023
Teaching and Learning Assistant Beormund Primary School

Job Advert (pdf, 80kb)

Job Description (pdf, 151kb)

Application Guidance Notes (pdf, 91kb)

Application Form (doc, 151kb) 19/04/2023

Class Teacher

Grange Primary School

Job Advert (pdf, 286kb)

Job Description & Person Specification (pdf, 120kb)

Guidance Notes (pdf, 48kb)

Letter to Candidate (pdf, 189kb)

Application Form (docx, 62kb) 05/05/2023
Premises Officer St John's Catholic Primary School

Job Advert (docx, 46kb)

Job Description (doc, 157kb)

Notes to Applicants (docx, 51kb)

Disclosure Form (docx, 61kb)

Recruitment Monitoring Form (docx, 46kb)


Application Form (docx, 63kb)

Consent for Reference Form (docx, 38kb)

ECT / Qualified Class Teacher Lyndhurst Primary School

Job Advert (pdf, 79kb)

Job Description (pdf, 91kb)

Person Specification (pdf, 60kb)

Application Form (docx, 94kb) 14/04/2023
Key Stage 2 Class Teacher x2 Bellenden School and Pilgrim's Way School (River Peck Federation)

Job Advert (pdf, 71kb)

Person Specification (pdf, 133kb)

Job Description (pdf, 108kb)

Job Application guidance notes (pdf, 48kb)

Privacy Notice (pdf, 111kb)

Application Form (docx, 58kb) 17/04/2023
Secondary Teacher (English or Science) Evelina Hospital School

Job Advert (pdf, 216kb)

Job Description (pdf, 223kb)

Privacy Notice (pdf, 170kb)

Application Form (doc, 137kb) 17/04/2023
Head of School St Joseph's Junior School

Job Advert (pdf, 1mb)

Job Description (docx, 28kb)

Person Specification (docx, 21kb)

Notes to applicant (docx, 51kb)

Application Form (docx, 65kb)

Consent to obtain reference (docx, 39kb)



Other opportunities

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