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Safeguarding Level 1 & 2, Saturday 06.07.2024

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CategoryEarly Years PVI

Target audienceEarly Years PVI

CPD points0

Total hours6.5

Type1 session/s

CodeEYPVI 0388


This one-day course is for all early years and childcare practitioners, leaders and managers needing an introduction or a refresher to Section 3 of the EYFS (2024) - The safeguarding and welfare requirements: Safeguarding policies and procedures and Concerns about children’s safety and welfare.

It will:

  • Present the four types of child abuse and acquaint practitioners with the ‘clues’ to harm or needs in children and their families.
  • Introduce the legal, policy and procedural frameworks, which aim to safeguard and promote the welfare of children (and their families)
  • Inform practitioners of their legal responsibilities in safeguarding children and the local authority arrangements for the management of safeguarding.


At the end of the course staff will:

  • Know what constitutes child abuse
  • Know who to speak to if you are concerned a child is being abused
  • Know what you should do if you are worried about a child and how to complete an appropriate referral to the relevant agency
  • Know what will happen after those discussions

This is often an oversubscribed course so you must confirm and pay within 72 hours of making your booking.

Failure to do so may result in you being removed from the course booking without notice.

Once removed you will NOT be able to re-book