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Schools Safeguarding Forum (8 December 2022) - Updates from the Police, Housing Resident Services, MASH and FEHS

Updates from the following partners:

  • Update from Southwark MASH (MASH safeguarding slides (pptx, 96kb))
  • Update from Family Early Help Service (Family Early Help presentation to DSLs on 08.12.2022 (pptx, 180kb))
  • The Police provided the following documents that were shared with schools previously:
    •  Key School staff Powers (KEY SCHOOL STAFF POWERS (docx, 13kb)) and Staff Powers on school premises (STAFF POWERS on SCHOOL PREMISES (docx, 18kb))
      These documents highlight the powers available to you and your staff under the Education Act. They provide clear guidance around what you can and cannot do, what authority is needed and what act you are using. The police can offer support alongside you to undertake this if there is a risk to you or staff, but there may well be occasions when these powers are more appropriate than police involvement.
    • Incident Report Form for Area South Schools (Incident Report Form for Area South Schools (docx, 31kb))
      This form is to allow the police to gain all of the information they need to deal effectively with an incident, adds some guidance in as to when to call on 999, 101 and when to email direct to the SSOs. It also creates a trigger system to prevent a MTIP (More Thorough Intimate search) from taking place unless in very strict circumstances.
    • Up to date SSP (Safer Schools Partnerships) handbook (Safer School Partnerships handbook (pdf, 832kb)) and Data Sharing Agreement (Data Sharing Agreement (docx, 210kb))
      There has been some questions raised around what role of the SSO is.  All of this and the aims and agreements from both schools and MPS signed up to this are included in the SSP. This should, alongside a DSA, be signed and reviewed every year and if there is a change of Head teacher.
    • When to call the police guidance for Schools and Colleges (When to call the police guidance for schools and colleges (pdf, 773kb))
      This is the latest guidance around when to call the police and what to do in certain incidents that may be of use to disseminate.
    • Up to date Guidance from Government around schools' powers to search without consent, prohibited items the schools can search for and power to confiscate
      This has been included as the most up to date guide, as there have been questions asked recently in regards to this:
    • Police Search powers in schools (Police Search powers in schools (docx, 32kb))
    • Police-Schools and Youth Contact names and email across Southwark and Lambeth. For schools (Police Schools and Youth Contact names and email across Southwark and Lambeth (xlsx, 15kb))
    • Table top exercise
      The Schools and Youth Inspector Pippa Wilson would like to offer each school the opportunity to have a face to face meeting with her and one of the Safer Schools Sgts to hold “Table top” exercises around any legislative concern queries you have, what do in certain situations that are common occurrences and how best to make contact with the MPS (999, 101, SSO direct). SSOs are a great asset to the MPS and from the feedback from yourselves also to the schools, but they are a limited resource so effective use of them is imperative to meet demands. Please contact Pippa Wilson ( if your school has not taken up this offer yet.