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Model Policies

Statutory School Policies

This is the Dfe Statutory school policies document from September 2014:

Statutory Policies for Schools and Academy Trusts - September 2021

Please also find below a list of policies that governing bodies can adopt, or can amend to suit their school's needs before adopting:

DfE Policies

DFE - Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions - September 2014 (pdf, 402kb)

DfE- 2019 Model Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy (docx, 26kb)

ICO - Freedom of Information

ICO - Freedom of Information - Definition document - August 2013 (pdf, 140kb)

ICO - Freedom of Information - How to complete the guide to information for schools - August 2013 (pdf, 148kb)

ICO - Freedom of Information - Using the definition documents - August 2013 (pdf, 270kb)

ICO - Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme - August 2013 (docx, 159kb)

LA Policies

LA - Accessibility Plan - September 2017 (docx, 41kb)

LA - Accessibility Plan (guidance) - September 2017 (docx, 15kb)

LA - Charging & Remissions Policy - September 2017 (docx, 16kb)

Child Protection Policies can be found here

LA - model complaints policy 2019 (docx, 53kb)

LA - Equality Information & Objectives Statement - September 2017 (docx, 54kb)

LA - Financial Scheme of Delegation - May 2008 (doc, 103kb)

LA - Governors' Expenses Policy (doc, 25kb)

LA - Lettings policy and guidance - April 2015 (docx, 89kb)

LA - Terms of Reference for committees - September 2016 (docx, 25kb)

NGA Policies

NGA Model Code of Conduct - Trusts (docx, 83kb)

NGA Model Code of Conduct - Single School (docx, 81kb)

GB Self Evaluation - NGA and Southwark (docx, 84kb)

Education Commission – Catholic Diocese of Southwark

For copies of model policies for Catholic schools, please visit the Education Commission’s website.

HR Policies

For a list of HR policies such as Appraisal, Capability, Disciplinary, Grievance, Pay, Redundancy & Reorganisation and Whistle Blowing, please contact your HR provider. 

Southwark Council HR produce model policies for schools that sign up to their SLA, details of their service can be found at the Southwark Council HR page.