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Meetings agendas, notes and presentations




23 June 2022


The meeting agenda can be found here (doc, 69kb)

The slide presentation  (pptx, 45.2mb)

London Schools Pollution Helpdesk (docx, 17kb)

28 November 2019


20 June 2019

SGA Agenda

21 March 2019

SGA Agenda


22 November 2018

SGA Agenda (doc, 43kb)

Presentation slides and related documents:

Family Early Help  slides

Give to help others slides (pdf, 1.6mb)

Questions for discussion papers (docx, 14kb)

SEND overview slides (pdf, 1.2mb)

Education in Southwark, Cllr Jasmine Ali slides (pdf, 401kb)


21 June 2018

SGA agenda

Presentation slides and related documents

Perry Singh, Housing in Southwark: Trends, developments and challenges slides (pdf, 1.2mb)

Pauline Hinchliffe, Provision for more able and talented pupils slides (pdf, 83kb)

Fred Metzgen, Southwark Schools' Partnership Board slides (pdf, 418kb)

Group discussion: 5 top challenges and 5 top strenghts paper (docx, 21kb) 


22 March 2018

SGA Agenda (doc, 41kb)

Presentation slides and related documents:

James Corbin, University of Kent, Will our children have the skills required for the companies of tomorrow slides (pdf, 232kb)

Paul Watling, London Mayor's Office, The impact of London growth on education, schools and housing   slides (pdf, 4.3mb)


16 November 2017

SGA Agenda

Presentation slides and related documents:

Cara Cahill & Georgia Pritchards, School Improvement Offer paper (pdf, 944kb)

Elaine Gunn, Southwark Skills Strategy slides (pdf, 52kb) and paper (pdf, 1.5mb)

Feedback from group discussion paper (docx, 16kb)

Chair's report (pdf, 23kb)

Statutory compliance letter (pdf, 53kb) to Headteachers from George Boyce


22 June 2017

SGA Agenda

Presentation slides and related papers:

Dominic McDonald, Head of Education, The Royal Institution - STEM, The role of science in schools - slides (pdf, 929kb)

Caroline Gielnik, Education Support Partnership, Approaches to measuring and transforming staff well-being and engagement slides

Steve Bradshaw, CEO, Millwall Football Club Community Support, Freddie Ruby, Education Manager, Louise Newstead, SChools Coaching & Sports Participation Manager,  brochure (pdf, 4.1mb)

Ross Neal, Youth engagement with London Fire Brigade, referral form (doc, 506kb) and parental consent form (doc, 129kb)


23 March 2017

SGA Agenda (doc, 35kb)

23 November 2016

SGA Agenda


March Agenda

Mental Health PP (pdf, 4.3mb)