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School Teachers’ Pay 2024 - 28/03/2024

The Department for Education (DfE) published the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) remit for 2024, dated December 2023.

Headline ‘asks’ in terms of the STRB remit and recommendations for 2024 are:

  • an assessment of the adjustments that should be made to the salary and allowance ranges for classroom teachers, unqualified teachers, and school leaders in 2024/25.
  • views on the potential benefits, in principle, of targeting remuneration by subject in the future.

To read the STRB remit for 2024, click here.

The National Employer’s Organisation for School Teachers (NEOST) have since submitted written evidence to the School Teachers Review Body in February 2024.

NEOST’s headline responses to the STRB’s call for evidence relating to the Government’s published remit for the 34th Report is as follows:

  • NEOST welcomes the additional funding that has been targeted to the core school’s budget.
  • NEOST notes that financial concerns (set against a reported backdrop of increasing numbers of both maintained and academy schools operating with deficit budget positions) continue to be balanced against ongoing recruitment and retention challenges of all teachers and leaders.
  • NEOST highlights a continuing tension between what school employers might anticipate or view as a reasonable award for 2024/25, and what they understand to be affordable.
  • NEOST notes that the vast majority (83 per cent) of our stakeholders indicated that a pay award applied to all ranges equally would best support recruitment and retention in schools.
  • NEOST highlights that the teachers’ pay bill is one of the highest demands on overall school budgets and recognises that not all schools are in the same financial position.
  • NEOST reminds the STRB and colleagues across Government of the unique timetable pressure for this pay review body in relation to school term time and Academy Trust financial reporting cycles.

To read the full submitted evidence, click here.

The NEOST, STRB oral evidence session is scheduled for 9th April 2024.

The STRB expect to deliver their report and recommendations to the Government by May 2024.