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NJC Terms and Conditions - Support Staff Pay Update

The National Employers have reaffirmed the pay offer as full and final (in letter dated 17th August 2023) in response to a letter from the NJC unions (dated 16th August 2023), in which they sought an improved pay offer.

In order for a pay offer to be implemented, it requires the trade unions to agree to the offer. At this moment, the trade unions have NOT agreed. Therefore, no payment can be made to staff in contemplation of any possible pay offer; the pay offer needs to be signed off nationally, prior to any action taken by an employer otherwise this would not be legally compliant.

Please note: any pay award agreed will need to be backdated to 1st April 2023.

Trade unions

Unison recently balloted its members on the pay offer for 2023. Members did not vote for industrial action.

UNISON’s strike ballots closed on 4 Jul

Unite has also recently balloted its members and they are proposing to take strike action.

Unite’s strike ballots

GMB has confirmed it will conduct disaggregated industrial action ballots of its NJC ‘Green Book’ and JNC Craft ‘Red Book’ members in some councils and schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The organisations to be targeted for strike ballots will be notified in the next few weeks, in line with the requirements of legislation.

The strike ballots will open on 12th September and close on 24th October 2023.


23rd February 2023 – Circular setting out the full and final pay offer (pdf, 306kb)

16th August 2023 – NJC unions’ letter (pdf, 165kb)

17th August 2023 – National Employers’ response (pdf, 118kb)