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Well-being Update - 26/01/2024

Ofsted has released a recording of mental health awareness training for all inspectors that took place this month.  The webinar includes an introduction from Sir Martyn Oliver, HMCI. 

There were sessions led by Ofsted's national directors for education, and regulation and social care, Lee Owston and Yvette Stanley, and by Ofsted's Deputy Chief Operating Officer (Delivery) and senior well-being champion, Andrew Cook.  The webinar also included a briefing from the Chief Executive of Mental Health First Aid England, Simon Blake OBE.’

Southwark Schools HR Training

Southwark Schools HR will be delivering Well-being Training for Governors.  

This is to support Governors understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to well-being. The session will include the following:

  • Understanding the legal context of governors’ responsibilities for wellbeing in school.
  • What types of actions governors could take (e.g. education staff wellbeing charter/Wellbeing strategy and increasing participation).
  • Mental wellbeing and workplace stress.
  • Supporting Headteacher and SLT wellbeing including processes in dealing with these issues.
  • Access to organisations that support wellbeing.
  • Questions that governors could/should be asking,

Training will take place on 6th February 2024, 6pm – 7.30pm and it will be held virtually.

To book:

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