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Support Staff Pay Award - 2024 Process - 26/01/2024

The NJC Pay Award was agreed towards the end of 2023 and all schools should now have implemented the support staff pay award from 1st April 2023. 

Any lower paid staff who are on universal credit and have received a backdated amount which has had an impact on benefits should be advised to contact their universal credit coach.

This is the proposed timetable of events for the 2024 pay discussions: 

1) Trade Unions are expected to submit pay claim in February / March

2) Regional pay briefings

3) National Employers consider feedback and respond to claim

4) Trade Unions response to the National Employers’ submissions 

School Action: Schools should be mindful that the NJC Pay Award is unlikely to be agreed by April 2024 and therefore should ensure that they budget for this payment, as it will need to be backdated to 1st April 2024, once agreed. Schools should also inform their support staff.