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Upcoming Flexible Working Policy and Training (changes will be implemented from April 2024) - 15/02/2024

From April 2024, the following changes will be made to the rules on flexible working:

  • The right to request flexible working will be a day one right and there will be no longer a qualifying period (as there is currently of 26 weeks).
  • The time employers have to respond to a request will be reduced to two months (from the three months they are allowed under current rule).
  • The employee can make more than two applications for flexible working a year.
  • There will no longer be any requirement for the employee to explain what effect their request will have on the employer or how the impact might be dealt with.

We are working on a new policy, which we will be consulting Trade Unions on. This will be available for schools to implement from April 2024.

We will also be holding a virtual training session on Wednesday 20th March 2024, 10.00-11.30am, before the policy comes into force.

To book onto the training course, please follow this link: