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DfE Report – the Working Lives of Teachers and Leaders

The DfE published the Working Lives of Teachers and Leaders report on11/4/23 - click here

This is the first-year results for a planned longitudinal (minimum 5 years) study.  The survey was undertaken in the Spring 2022, achieving a 13% response rate (11,177 responses in total).  Year 2 survey is currently live with over 6k responses.

School action:

  1. Share the report with your governing board
  2. Review the report within your school context and consider what actions the school can take to address:

            a. Teacher well-being

            b. Teacher workload

            c. Recruitment and retention

  1. Possible focus areas (there may be other areas from the report):

          - Workload

          - Time spent teaching versus other activities

          - Retention and reasons for leaving the profession

          - Flexible working

          - Pay award

          - Well-being

          - Continued professional development